Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Then what next…

oh God, I offer my gratitude to you for this life 
whatever the form of time, I lived life fullest
now question arose in my mind, when life reaches to the end, so then what next

oh God, I humbly request you, please grant me a tree in my next birth
so, I would offer dark shadow to needy and fruits to hungry in dearth

if I didn't deserve to be a tree, make me a pleasing flower with charming fragrance
so, with my fragrance I could refresh living soul and by means of my beauty I could attract human’s glance

if I wouldn't suit in flower, at least make me a leaf of tree
so, I could play with wind and could live my life free

or could you make me wings of bird, so they could fly high in the sky.

or could you make me fins of fish, so they could swim deep in the sea.
oh god, whatever you make me, let me serve others, is the only my plea.