People are never a problem !!

People are never a problem, it is just a medium through which problem comes. Rather than running away from problems, we have to face these problems without blaming people.  We are born to face all lively things; it does mean that we are here to experience all the life’s consequences. Real experiences come by facing problem not by hiding them. All the things are destined to happen, if we believe in destiny. Lord Rama has said, how a person is steadfast to his dharma (action) , tested only in his bad time.

                If you think, who the happiest people on the planet are, then you would realize those are children.  Human are born happy. However, as we grow up we start to attach ourselves with other things and people. So then, attachment becomes the root cause of most of the problems and sufferings. In order to stay happy we need to make ourselves free from attachments.  

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