About me

Hello! My name is Ganesh Dilip Narvane, professionally a software engineer. However, later, fell in love with writing poetry and writing fictional stories. Usually, I keep penning when I become a bit emotional, it is because of insistence of my feelings, which force me to write. I enjoy living with emotions and mixed feelings. Apart from writing and poeting, I enjoy photography, living with nature and spending quality time by reading good books. Further, I like to spend time in philosophy, Archaeology and Spiritual practices like meditation and yoga. In addition, I am looking forward to indulge in business practices for social welfare and economical development with boosting employment, as these are in my vision. A set goal of my life is, to live an influencing life, as well as, to be known as man of virtues.

            Thank You, 
        Ganesh D Narvane
        Pune, India

      Email : gnarvane@gmail.com
      FB : www.facebook.com/gnarvane